Sunday, 15 March 2009

Update on my speedy stitching

I've just finished my third week back into stitching, my second week on the Verandas piece. I'm working very hard on House #6, the house on the far right. When I started on this rotation only two colors of the house were present--a dark brick red and the white balcony lines. Now I've just about finished the house proper and the palmetto tree on its right. As you can see from the photo of the finished piece, though, I still have a lot to do to finish this side of the pattern. There is the foreground which has a lot of colour changes and a large bush as well. These will take time and I don't think I'll finish them in the coming week. But maybe . . . Ideally, I'd like to finish the whole right side of the piece at the end of this rotation so that when I come back to it I'm back to the middle of the pattern starting House #3. You can see that I did do a lot of stitching since I blogged on this piece. I finished Houses #4 & 5 in that time. This was mainly in the second half of 2007. I was doing 1week rotations then. So far I like doing 2 week rotations as I can see more progress on each piece. Last night there was a pretty awful movie on TV called 'The Core' about a group of people who travelled to the Earth's Core to save the world. Absolute rubbish but a great background for stitching. Before that was on I also stitched through Ice Age 2, a much better quality movie.

I now need to decide which piece is going to be next in my rotation. There is the New England Sampler and also my bugbear the Australian map on linen whose border I'm trying to redesign. When I was last working on it it wasn't coming out well. I think the centre of the piece is pretty much finished. There are flowers in each of the 4 corners which I have to do. Gee I really should try to finish this one.

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