Friday, 27 March 2009

A massive effort on Verandas

The right side of Verandas finished--except for the backstitching!

Close up of house #4

Close up of house #s 5 & 6

Well I put a lot of pressure on myself last week to finish House #6 and the whole right side of this cross-stitch by Sunday. I did it but only with a massive effort staying up late stitching many nights and working for hours on the weekend. I finally finished the bush to the right of the house on Sunday night at 11:15pm. I'm so glad I brought the piece to this point as it will be more encouraging to pick it up on the next rotation because I'll be starting on a new house (#3) back in the middle of the pattern. The downside is that I'm a little bit burnt out from cross-stitching so this week I've been taking it a bit easier and not pushing myself so much.

My rotation for this fortnight is the New England Sampler and I'm working on the middle pannel which focuses on nautical themes. So far I've done a couple of small boats and am working on a rocky headland with a lighthouse. It's a total refreshing change from the Verandas and I think that may be one of the keys to keeping the rotations fresh--that and not pushing myself too much all the time.


Carol said...

I like your projects. They are looking very pretty. I am a slow sewer so would have not gotten this far yet :)

Diane said...

Hi Carol,

I think the key is to just keep plugging away. Of course while I'm stitching other things get neglected!