Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I've fallen in a heap

Well craft work has certainly taken a back seat this month. With three weekends away and all the packing and unpacking associated with that plus several work days in between and the usual Mum's taxiing time has been limited. I've also taken on an additional unpaid job of Membership Secretary for a non-profit organisation this month and I also applied and was tested for an online editing job. We'll see what comes of that. I think I'm getting a few things under control now.

I'm starting to think more seriously of Christmas and I need to get my completed cross-stitches to the framers.

The weekend before last I went away to a friend's sheep farm with Jade and because we flew I took a very small new project with me. Surprisingly I got a bit of it done. It is one of those Daydreams quick weekend projects which shows a few suitcases piled up and says 'Life is a Journey'. It's still in my handbag and I've pulled it out a couple of times since. I think I'll leave it in there and do it when I get the chance.

Right now I need to figure out where I'm supposed to be with my rotations. I think I'm on the third rotation in my list--the Chinese themed one--and I don't know that I really feel up to picking up something new right now. Something that I'm more familiar with would be better. So I may make another executive decision and go for the next project in the list which I think is the New England Sampler.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Getting back into it a bit

Another weekend away but I did manage to do some stitching last night on Verandas. Yes I figured out that that is the rotation I'm on.

Brought my stitching to the swimming pool today to get some done while my daughter has school swimming then discovered I forgot to bring a needle! Instead of sticking it through the margin of the fabric I left it sticking in the arm of the couch! It doesn't look like I'm going to get very much work done this week either!

As promised here is the updated photo of Cottages II. Not a bad start to that one.

Friday, 9 October 2009

A bit of a lull in proceedings

October is here and the busy end of year season has started early. We had a lovely break away last weekend to Phillip Island south of Melbourne. This weekend DH and I are off on a work retreat for his work to a winery area. And the following weekend Jade and I are off to a friend's near Canberra. So with all of the washing, organising and packing and unpacking I haven't touched my stitching for a week and may not do much this rotation. I'm not even sure which rotation it is!

I am also reading another Diana Gabaldon tome of nearly 1000 pages. It's the fifth one in her Outlander series called The Fiery Cross. I'm just over half way through the book and under pressure to finish it before October 23 as it's due back in the library then and someone else has a reservation on it so I can't renew it! After getting a bit tired of reading about Claire and Jamie I've hit my second wind and intend to go through to the next book before Christmas. The most recent book in the series isn't on the shelves of the library yet and there are 3 reserves on it so it's unlikely I'll get my chance to read that before Xmas.

I will leave posting a photo of my Cottages progress to a later entry.