Sunday, 6 May 2007

Much Progess Being Made

It's getting to be a busy time of year at both work and uni but I am continuing to keep motivated with my projects.


Most of my focus has been on cross-stitch. I have finished the cross-stitching of both of the Cottages am well into the backstitching of the first house.

I've also made a good start on the Verandahs and am well into House #4 in the middle of the design. It is the biggest house as well so once I have finished it I will be well on the way. My goal is to try and complete one house per month. I have until the end of May to finish this one. Here's hoping!

I've also decided that I need another small project to take with me when I'm out so I've chosen to work on Debbie Patrick's Golden Gate Bridge which I bought when we were in San Francisco. It isn't a big project. I've cut out some pale blue Aida cloth, bound the edges and copied the pattern so it is all ready to go.

One of the least glamorous things I've done this past week is to go through my whole DMC collection and to organise everything. My late mother's thread box, which holds a complete DMC collection, had lots of skeins of loose DMC which wouldn't fit on the spools in the box and my DMC collection is in labelled individual glad snack bags which are in numerical order on rings. I went through my mother's loose skeins, put them in order and then either added them to her spools or to my glad bags and I made up new glad bags for colours I didn't have. Then I created a set of colors on rings for Verandahs and put a set of the rings with colours I'm not currently using away. All of this took me hours and hours but I'm really glad I did it now.


My flannel fabric for my nephews' quilts from the States has arrived. I bought thread for them this week but have decided to wait until I have more time in June to start working on them. For now I want to complete the China quilt--which still hasn't been touched--and label the quilts I've completed over several years.