Sunday, 29 March 2009

Some projects from 2008

Since I didn't do any blogging in 2008 I thought it would be nice to put up some photos of things I worked on and finished that year. First I'd like to show Cottages at Oak Bluffs I by Debbie Patrick which came out really nice and is beautifully framed and in my son's room. I love the blue and yellow tones of this piece. In January last year we also painted my son's bedroom and he chose a blue feature wall which is where this piece is hung so everything ties in together very well. Since this was one of the rotation pieces I was blogging about in 2007 I thought I should show it off as a finished piece.

The other project I've worked on in the lead-up to two Christmases is a Bucilla Christmas calendar which has turned out to be a massive job. It's still not finished but I'm planning on adding it to my rotations in the second half of this year and hopefully will finish it off then. I finished the pockets in late November 2007 and worked progressively finishing the ornaments which go in them in the lead-up to that Christmas. I finished all but one ornament--the reindeer--that year. I started working on it again in early November 2008 hoping and assuming I would actually finish it in time for Christmas but it has turned out to be a bigger project than I anticipated.

In 2007 I made four flannel quilts--one for myself and three presents and late last year I made two identital photo memory quilt which came out really nice. The photos are taking a long time to upload so I'll put up photos of those in another blog. I've also got a few new pieces of stash that I could put up.

It's nice to be able to blog about things I've finished!


craftydiane said...

Hi Diane,
When I first decided to blog I wanted my blog to be craftydiane since that is the name I go by on a lot of stuff. But that name was already taken. So I am craftydianed. I had went to your blog a few times and saw you hadn't been active on it. I was wondering about you. Then yesterday I decided to just type in your blog name and see if you ever came back to it and yes you had! It is nice to see another craftydiane in blogland. Your cross-stitch pieces are beautiful! I used to cross-stitch a lot but haven't done any in years. Your felt Christmas calendar will be lovely when it is all done.
Have a Blessed Day,

Diane said...

Hi Diane!

Thanks for looking at my work and my blog. Yes there are some advantages to not working--having time to get craft and other stuff done and blogging about it.

I'll look for you in the blogosphere!