Thursday, 11 February 2010

Working on a number of projects

In keeping with my plans to finish off a few non-cross stitch projects this year and because it's been too hot to work on the rug hooking I've been working on a few other things this past week.

And I have my first finish for the year--a lovely green summer dress for my daughter Jade!

I bought the fabric for this dress, which came on the bolt with a gathered top, two years ago at Joanne's Fabrics in Connecticut. I thought it would make up into a lovely cool dress and my daughter would love it because her favourite colour is green. This has been such a hot summer I thought now's the time. I've got to do this while she's still young otherwise it won't suit her. Well it's come out beautifully! She has a school ball coming up so if it's still hot then this may be her ball dress.

Jade has also wanted a flannel quilt since I made one for myself a few years ago. My sister had sent me some fat quarters so also in 2008 I bought additional fabric, again at Joanne's, so I could make the quilt. There just isn't nice flannel fabric for quilting in Australia. What there is is in designs suitable for kid's pajamas. So I've worked out a pattern and have cut out my squares. It's just going to be done in simple squares. Jade is currently laying out the squares the way she wants them on the kitchen floor so I can't go on with this until she finishes this and everything is decided. The colors are all bright and cheerful. I love the yellow fabric with the ladybugs and also the green fabric with bamboo leaves. This latter one is also going to be the backing for the quilt.

So since the quilt has come to a temporary halt I've started working on a necklace kit I bought years ago at a quilt show which uses lovely Japanese indigo fabric. I did attend a workshop then to see how it was made but that must have been in about 2002 or 2003 and I've forgotten. Unfortunately, the instructions aren't really clear.

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