Friday, 14 August 2009

On House #2

Another great rotation where I finished House #3 and made a good start on House #2. I'm beginning to be able to predict the finish of this project. About 3 more rotations to finish the cross-stitching then one more for the backstitching. So 4 rotations. That would be a May 2010 finish. Close but not that close I guess. The main thing is that I am progressing on all my projects at a rate that I wouldn't be otherwise. Certainly if I wasn't rotating at all I wouldn't be getting through these projects the way I am.

I decided to swap the order of the next two projects I'm working on so I've started back on The Fabric Collector. I'm doing this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I wanted to break up the big projects and not do one big one after the other--ie Verandas followed by the New England Sampler. Secondly, I wanted to break up the linen projects--ie Fabric Collector followed by LaTrobe Terrace. So this rotation is my second on the second version of the Fabric Collector. I haven't done heaps on it but I am making progress.

At the moment I'm really struggling with getting good light on my work. It seems that no matter which way I turn myself or the lamp or the magnifier that I wear around my neck I get shadows. So I've finally broken down and bought a specific craft lamp--the Daylight Ultimate Floor Lamp. I bought it on ebay and saved about $30by doing so. I just picked it up from the post office this morning and it is waiting for me to assemble it. It is a new lamp in the box.

Not only that but I also bought the Daylight portable light to use on the go. It also has a magnifier with it.

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