Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Continuing with Fabric Collector

My work this rotation has been sporadic because I've spent more time in the car driving children from place to place. Last week Jade had a training camp at the VIS (Victorian Institute of Sport) in Prahran (inner Melbourne). The traffic and parking down there is horrendous. Thankfully this time all of the parents of the gymnasts involved formed a car pool so we didn't have to do as much driving and waiting around as last time.

Yesterday I had a ridiculous day driving Jarrah to school early for band practice, waiting around for 40 minutes to access the once a week secondhand uniform shop so I could drop off uniform to sell, waiting around for another 50 minutes, taking him to the dentist, driving him back to school, coming home for an hour then going back to Jade's school to pick her up and take her to training, coming home for 2 hours then going back to pick her up at 5. The day was a total write-off but I did do some cross-stitch in the evening.

Since I haven't had as much time as usual to cross stitch I'm planning on continuing with this project into next week in order to finish it. Rules were meant to be broken, weren't they? This will cut into the two weeks of the New England Sampler a bit but that's not my favourite project and it's a long way from being finished so that's OK.


Tempewytch said...

Well done on being near completion on this project (and wow on the day of driving!), have you decided what you will put in your rotation once this is done?

Diane said...


Yes I have a small project along a Chinese theme to put in this slot. I like varying small and large projects to keep my interest up.