Thursday, 27 October 2016

Wow! cross-stitching again!

I have been working off and on--mostly off--on my cross-stitches. I lost motivation for whatever reason and life generally just got in the way. Part of the lack of progress was that around four projects all got to the backstitching phase and it was difficult to do that on the go and just a pain to do nothing but backstitching.

Well over the last month or so I've put in a push on The Rocks-Sydney and today I finished it--backstitching and all. That motivated me to survey my other lapsed projects and try to finish them. So I also did the remaining backstitched labels on Latrobe Terrace. So two Australian street scenes finished today. I also checked the New England Sampler and it too is finished. And once I undo and re-do some minor backstitching on Cottages at Oak Bluffs II that will also be finished.

I started a new Australian street scene today--Strahan, Tasmania. It's tough to start on an empty piece of fabric after working on many more advanced projects. Makes me more inclines to put in more effort on the other active projects. I have a nearly completed cross-stitch of my mother's featuring birds and a cat--typical of the sort of things she did. I have the pattern but discovered I don't have the pattern key! So I am going to have to figure out what colors go with what symbols. That's going to be fun. But as that project is also almost finished I'm inclined to work on it sooner rather than later.

Speaking of my mother's cross stitches I have inherited a bunch now. Dad passed away last month and we had to clean out his house. I couldn't bear to see my mother's cross-stitches just get thrown away so I took as many as I and my suitcases could hold. I will put some of them up as I unwrap them.

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