Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Rotating again!

Since working on the Chinese cross-stitch I've decided to go back to my rotation schedule for cross-stitch while still working on the quilts. I'll cross-stitch in the evenings when I feel like sitting and relaxing and quilt during the day when I don't mind going from sewing machine to ironing board to cutting mat.

So I've just finished a two week rotation on Verandas. I chose to do this one as a starter as I just like this project. I've made good progress--finishing House #2 and making a good start on House #1. I figure I could finish the cross-stitching on this in two more rotations and the backstitching in one rotation--maybe! I can't wait to finish it and get it framed and hung!

House #2 all finished

Houses #2 and #3

House #1--this one is as wide or wider than the two houses next to it.

The houses wall-hanging is coming along as well. I have it all put together and pinned for quilting. And I've finally been back to Spotlight and have bought pale green thread to finish quilting Jade's flannel quilt. That one's been sitting idle for a few weeks now. Got to get back into it.

I also thought I would put up a photo of the small project I carry around in my handbag. This one is a Dimensions Daydreams 'quickie' called 'Life is a Journey'. I started it last October on a weekend trip to Canberra and decided it was a great one to keep in my bag and work on whenever I had a few spare minutes. That's been working very well and I'm thinking about doing something like this with another small project after I finish this one.

Life is a Journey--featuring a suitcase

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