Sunday, 15 November 2009

I've been stitching for the past couple of weeks

I'm slowly struggling back into it. I picked my stitching back up with no idea of which project or week I was on. So I made an executive decision to work on the New England sampler and I had a productive week with it. by last Sunday I'd just about finished the lower band to the middle of the pattern. I'm very happy with it!

From October 16-18 I was away interstate and started a new 'travel' project that I could work on while I was on the go. This is a small Daydream kit called
Life is a Journey. Since then it's stayed in my handbag and I've worked on it from time to time. I'll keep this one in my bag and continue to work on it on a casual basis.

I'm now about to head into my second week of Latrobe Terrace. I've only worked on it twice this week and next week with two evening meetings isn't looking too good. But at least I hope to get some more done on it.

I've finally put my two Xmas presents in for framing and I pick them up this Wednesday.

It's only about a month until we go to the US for Christmas and there is so much to do with Christmas and travel preparations. My DH has painted our lounge/dining room a lovely off-white and over the next couple of weeks I'm getting a few curtain quotes. These won't be done and hanging before we go but if I at least order them we can get them in in January. This is just such a busy time of year!

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