Thursday, 16 July 2009

DMC colour problem

I'm working on the foreground below the left support of the bridge doing the various shades of green there. I stitched one section with 3051, a medium green, then began stitching just below it with another strand of the same colour. After doing a few rows I realised that there was a slight (but to me noticable) colour difference between the two areas. The new strands I'm using are a bit darker, almost with a blackish tinge to them whereas the first strands I used don't have that blackish appearance. You probably wouldn't see the difference in a photo but when I finish this rotation and put a photo up you can have a look at it.

This problem has slowed my progress as I've found it discouraging. I've decided to keep going on with it and to look at the first area I've done after I finish stitching all of this colour. I may have to restitch what I did with the first two strands. It wouldn't be a lot of work. I hate problems like this.


Bronny said...

Have you had this on a cardboard bobbin? I've had similar issues with medium yellow-green DMC - old stock wond on a bobbin - the top layer became slightly faded although it had not been in the sun or near a window, but rather stacked in line with it's brothers. I ended up treating it as it's very own special varigated thread and using a fresh skein. There has been a similar discussion on the 123message board within the past couple of months in regard to DMC mid-green fade. Sorry that this information will not help you with your immediate problem, but it might help to know that you are not alone.
If the colour variation will annoy you every time you see the picture, then re-stitch it.

Diane said...

I do have some threads on plastic bobbins in a box but this floss was stored in plastic snack bags. Evidently some of the strands were from different skeins. I'll post a picture soon but I think it's all OK because the area that I've used the threads in has three different green sprinkled amongst each other so the slight difference in color isn't noticable.